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Gold Jewelry
We buy all solid gold items new, used or broken.
         10K - 14K - 18K - 22k - 24K
               *High School Rings
               *Old Mountings
                *Wedding Bands
                *Old Watch Cases
                *Dental Gold
                *Broken Chains
                *Antique Jewelry
All Diamond Engagement Rings & Art Deco Jewelry

1/4 Carat Diamond up to.....$225.00
1/2 Carat Diamond up to.....$1,100.00
 1 Carat Diamond up to.....$4,500.00
2 Carat Diamond up to.....$14,000.00
3 Carat Diamond up to.....$22,000.00
6 Carat Diamond up to.....$950,000.00
    We will pay you CA$H for your Diamonds with or without GIA Certificates. If you have larger stones than listed please bring in for a FREE evaluation.
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